Cajun Caviar

Cajun Caviar. Some call it Cajun Crack. We all have our own way of making it. I’ve worked on this recipe for years.

Cajun Caviar is a pecan, cheese, and green onion mixture that is held together by mayonnaise. It can be formed into a cheese ball or spread on a platter and covered with pepper jelly.

Personally, I like it spread on a platter and served with a spreader. It is easier to serve for a crowd.

This is a great appetizer when you are having a party. Everyone raves about it!

Here is how I make it.

In a large bowl mix together shredded cheese, chopped pecans, green onions, mayonnaise, Cajun seasoning, and hot sauce.

Spread onto a large platter and top with pepper jelly.

Serve with wheat thins or Ritz crackers. Try not to eat the whole thing!!!


Cajun Caviar

2 cups finely shredded cheese (cheddar or Colby jack)

1 cup chopped green onions

1 cup finely chopped pecans

1 cup mayonnaise

a few dashes of hot sauce

Cajun seasoning

1 jar Tabasco pepper jelly (hot) (this is the red one)

crackers (wheat thins are my favorite with this)

In a large bowl, mix together the cheese, onions, pecans, mayonnaise, hot sauce, and a little Cajun seasoning.

Spread onto a platter and top with the pepper jelly.

Serve with crackers.


A few of my favorite platters for Cajun Caviar listed below:



48 thoughts on “Cajun Caviar”

  1. I love this dip. I have been making it for years. My daughter lived in Slidell, La. and got recipe from a friend. You are right. Everyone loves it.

      1. I am originally from Louisiana and moved to the very northeast corner of Arkansas 4yrs ago I’ve tried this recipe and love it reminds me of back hm love cookin cajun foods and as far as recpies why change one when it’s great just the way it is

    1. I’m not sure of a good substitute for nuts that would have a similar texture. What about pretzels crushed up? Let me know what you come up with!

        1. New Orleans native here. I got this recipe from my mother in law in 1989! She only used sharp cheddar cheese and Hellman’s Mayonnaise! She wouldn’t use anything else. It’s been changed up over the years but the main ingredients remain the same. Tabasco hot pepper jelly makes it divine!

    2. Smooth peanut butter crumbs of toasted Ritz crackers and no pnut butter. Sunflower seeds processed to a smooth paste. Use small amounts of nut oil and extract

      1. Maybe she can not have anything associated with nuts including nut oil. Am not sure, but that was my read.

    1. Yes, you can make this ahead (minus the pepper jelly). Refrigerate the pecan/cheese mixture ahead of time and spread on the pepper jelly right before you serve it.

  2. I made this dip on the same night I baked potatoes…and the two ended up together!!! It’s a great dip, and a great topping on potatoes, just saying…

  3. I plan on making this for camping this weekend. Question, how much cajun seasoning? Did I miss that?

    1. There is a lot of Dairy free cheese available now, shredded and sliced. You could substitute that. I do frequently because I’m dairy free also and people can’t tell if it’s in a dip like this. I’ve also fixed an easy dip with a container of DF cream cheese covered in any kind of pepper jam and any kind of nuts I have on hand. I’ve also used bacon if people can’t have nuts. The DF dip was eaten before the regular cream cheese one. I always make both to take or at home if I’m having a party. I’ve been gluten free and dairy free for almost 20 years! Hope this helps.

    2. Surely you people with allergies to food have figured out what u can substitute in recipes. Why would u ask the person who is sharing a recipe what u can substitute

      1. Be nice – they may just started out with allergies or it is good to know if someone has tried to substitute something. I personally ask this because I love to cook and don’t want to waste food!

  4. Made this last night for my two besties and our first night together since Covid. BIG hit!! They both loved it and threatened me if I didn’t give them the recipe 🙂
    I know what I’m bringing to the next neighborhood gathering.

  5. I used green pepper jelly and it was gone in no time. Of course so was the one’s I have made with red pepper jelly too. haha The green jelly is just a little milder.

  6. Made for the holidays and will say the family devoured it…… had so many compliments and asking for the recipe. Will be making again

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