Quick & Easy Patty Melts

I know this looks like hangover food, but frankly I don’t care what it looks like. It’s delicious.

I had some ground meet in the freezer and wanted to make a burger.

A burger, but better.

Patty Melts came to mind.

Here’s how it all came together.

Mix 1 pack of Lipton’s Dry Onion Soup Mix with 1 lb ground beef. Stir in 1 tbsp. Dijon mustard and 1 egg. Form into patties. I make mine more square to fit the sliced bread.

Cook in a skillet in 1 tbsp. olive oil.

Time to arrange the patty melts.

Butter one side of the bread and place it down in a nonstick skillet over medium heat. Spread the sauce on the side facing up.

The Sauce: ketchup, mayo, Cajun seasoning, Worcestershire sauce.

Place the patty, cheese, and top with grilled onions.

Place another slice of bread on top that has sauce on one side and the butter on the other side. (butter facing out like you are making grilled cheese,).

Grill to perfection.

I ate it ALL. It was the bomb, ya’ll.


Patty Melts

1 lb ground beef

1 tbsp. Dijon mustard

1 egg

1 package Lipton’s Dry Onion Soup Mix

1 onion, caramelized

sliced bread

swiss cheese slices



1/4 cup mayonnaise

1-2 tbsp. ketchup

Tony’s, to taste

1 dash of Worcestershire sauce


In a ramekin or small bowl, mix together the ingredients for the sauce. Set aside.

In a separate bowl, mix together the beef, mustard, onion mix, egg.

Form the meat mixture into square patties. Cook to desired doneness in a nonstick skillet.

In a separate nonstick skillet, start making the patty melts.

Take one slice of bread and place butter on one side, place it butter side down in the hot skillet.

Spread the sauce on the side-up.

Place the patty next, followed by a slice of cheese and caramelized onions.

Top it with the other slice of bread, sauce side on top of the onions, butter on the outside.

Grill on each side until bread is golden and toasted and cheese is melted.


3 thoughts on “Quick & Easy Patty Melts”

  1. This was so delicious!! The only thing we did was grill the burgers. Sorry, my hubby is a Grill freak, lol.

    Thank you for sharing this, it’s going into my recipe notebook.

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